Masonicare CEO and Former CALA Board Chair J.P. Venoit Shares Opinion on “Person of the Year”

Recently, one of our Connecticut Assisted Living Association Members shared his opinion on who he believed should have won Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” award, or should we say “Persons”.

J.P. wrote a piece this month that was published on, where he took it upon himself to applaud the efforts of healthcare workers across the country during this year’s world-wide pandemic.

J.P. was quoted saying “What I know is this — when the unthinkable happened, when faced with one of the greatest crises of the century, our healthcare workers and first responders were there. Some of these brave men and women lost their lives to this virus. Others lost loved ones. To say that I am immensely proud of healthcare workers and first responders everywhere is an understatement. I am profoundly grateful for their heroic efforts and commitment to those they serve.”

The choice was clear. The frontline healthcare workers were our Persons of the Year. Their face masks on, their heads up, their hearts full and their eyes ever-focused. This was their year. Hands down. Thank you to all our Healthcare Heroes — you made a difference and we will never forget your sacrifice.

– J.P. Venoit,

We’re proud of J.P. for using his voice and giving credit to the hardworking healthcare workers this year. Each healthcare worker has made sacrifices in doing so and we join J.P. in recognizing your bravery and perseverance. The workers in our communities and members like J.P. are what add to CALA’s value.

To read J.P.’s full article, you can do so here.

Jon-Paul Venoit is President and CEO of Masonicare, Connecticut’s largest not-for-profit provider of senior care.


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